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Shelby R. (Thousand Oaks, CA)
"Winning the lottery was a completely amazing experience... Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC helped make my dream a reality."
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We Buy Structured Settlements, Annuities & Lottery Payments for Lump Sum Cash.

If We Do Not Beat Your Offer We Will Give You $500.00 Cash*

If you are currently receiving monthly or annual payments from a structured settlement, lottery or casino jackpot, or any other kind of annuity, there’s no reason to wait for your money. Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC will buy your payments for cash!

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Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC is a specialty finance company that provides lump sum payments to individuals receiving periodic payments from:
Sell Structured Settlements, Annuities, Lottery Payments to Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC
You don't have to wait for years to pay off your debt, purchase a house, pay for your child's college education, or start a business. You can receive a lump sum of cash from Woodbridge right away. We pay top cash when we buy structured settlements, lottery winnings, annuities, mortgages and deeds of trust.

No one knows what’s better for your financial health than you do. Is selling all or part of your future payments for cash in hand the right call? Only you can decide that. But Woodbridge knows that every situation is different, and that sometimes, dreams can’t wait. That’s why Woodbridge works closely with each client to customize a plan that satisfies their specific needs. We buy structured settlements, lottery payments & annuity payments when it is right for your situation. Contact Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC today and discover the Woodbridge Advantage.
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* $500 Cash Program payable upon proof of quote in writing from another structured settlement factoring company and paid to customer upon the funding of transaction. One counter offer per customer.
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