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Settlement funding, also known as pre settlement or lawsuit funding, is cash advance for lawsuits. Learn more about getting settlement funding in our FAQ.

How can I learn more?

Call us at 866-708-0422. We'd be happy to answer your questions.

How do I get a cash advance on a settlement?

You can call our sister company Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding at 800-401-4026 or click here to view the "Get a Free Lawsuit Cash Advance Quote".

How do I sell my structured settlement?

It's simple! Call Woodbridge Structured Funding at 800-708-0422 or click here to get our "Get a Free Quote" page, and we'll contact you right away to help you get the cash you want - fast!

What do I need to know about selling structured settlements for cash?

The other option of obtaining cash quickly for a structured settlement is through selling future structured settlement payments. A structured settlement buyer will purchase future structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash.

A disadvantage to this is that the consumer receives less than the total value of the structured settlement if they had continued to collect the payments for the life of the settlement.

The advantages, compared to taking a loan against a structured settlement, are that the consumer does not need a credit check, has no risk of default and receives a large payment right away with no long-term strings attached.

What do I need to know about structured settlement loans?

Taking out a loan against one's structured settlement is similar to taking out a standard bank loan.

A structured settlement is an equitable asset, which holds its value over the long-term. Taking out a loan against a structured settlement is much like taking out a home equity loan, but with the settlement as collateral instead of one's home. The advantage of taking out a loan is that one is not actually selling his or her structured settlement payments, simply borrowing against them using the settlement as collateral.

The disadvantages are the same as with other types of loans - credit checks will be required, interest accumulates, and there is the possibility of losing the structured settlement if you default on the loan.

What is a structured settlement?

A structured settlement is legal settlement, of a claim or lawsuit for injuries, liabilities and malpractice, which ensures that monthly, quarterly or annual payments are paid out to the claimant over an extended period. A Structured settlement is an alternative to a lump sum cash award.

What is settlement funding/a structured settlement loan?

Settlement funding, also known as pre-settlement funding, is a lawsuit cash advance provided to the claimant while a pending lawsuit is in litigation.

What is the difference between settlement funding and structured settlement?

Settlement funding is a lawsuit advance for your structured settlement before your case is settled. On the other hand, a structured settlement is legal settlement which ensure periodic payments after your case is settled.

Where can I find a reputable lawsuit funding company?

Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding makes it easy for you to get the money from your pending settlement that you need now. The application process is easy and painless. We move quickly to evaluate your case - no credit check, no confirmation of income or immigration status is required.

Where can I find more information on cash advance for personal injury settlement?

Call Woodbridge at 1-800-401-4026 and our financial professionals will ask a few simple questions to evaluate your pending settlement for a lawsuit cash advance. We will quickly verify your case history with your attorney, and get a portion of your pending settlement value into your hands quickly, sometimes in as little as a day or two. It's that simple!

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