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What is a Structured Settlement? Straight Talk About Structured Settlements

What is a structured settlement? Our 10-page whitepaper answers all your questions about structured settlements. From the different kinds of settlements, to selling settlement payments, to the laws governing these transactions, our whitepaper is the ultimate guide to understanding structured annuities.

Topics Covered in This Whitepaper

Informative, authoritative, and accessible, What is a Structured Settlement? provides a comprehensive introduction to structured annuities. This whitepaper will empower you with the knowledge you need to get the maximum value from your annuity.

Topics covered in Straight Talk include:

  • The history of structured settlements
  • The role structured annuities play in personal injury cases today
  • Which settlements can and can’t be sold
  • The state and federal laws that govern selling settlements
  • Valid reasons to sell a structured settlement
  • How to get started selling a structured annuity
  • Choosing a settlement company to buy your annuity
  • Getting the largest lump sum cash payments

Why Read What is a Structured Settlement?

Woodbridge Structured Funding is the only structured settlement buyer with decades of experience in the financial services industry. A leader in the settlement funding industry, Woodbridge has purchased over one billion dollar worth of settlements, structured annuities, mortgages, and lottery winnings since 1993.

The information and advice contained in the What is a Structured Settlement? whitepaper is formulated with two decades of experience. Working day in and day out with annuitants, their attorneys, and the legal bodies that regulate settlement sales, Woodbridge’s advisers have an unparalleled understanding of the industry.

It is one thing to understand the financial and legal mechanism of a structured settlement, and another to understand the economic environments and needs of those trying to sell them. Long known for their outstanding customer service, Woodbridge Structured Funding understands both sides of the equation, enabling them to grow steadily over the years, while garnering the praise of both industry watchdogs and satisfied customers. Our What is a Structured Settlement? Straight talk about structured settlements whitepaper allows you to benefit, for free, from Woodbridge’s extensive experience. Download it today.


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Expert Advice
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What is a Structured Settlement Whitepaper?
What is a Structured Settlement Whitepaper?
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