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3 Great Ways to Manage a Large Sum of Money

Most of us have dreamt about what we would do if we suddenly received a large amount of money. What if that dream became a reality? That money could come from winning the lottery, a lucky day at the casino, or cash for a settlement awarded in a personal injury lawsuit. While a large influx of funds can be overwhelming, there are many positive things that you can do with that money if you plan wisely. Here are just a few ways to manage a large sum of money.

1) Pay Off Debt

Bills are a constant reality. It’s easy to fall behind on payments, and mounting debt may prevent you from accomplishing other goals. If you’ve received cash for a settlement awarded in a lawsuit, you have the opportunity to pay off your debt and get back on track with your finances. The release from the stress of burdensome debt is a huge benefit, allowing you more time and resources to pursue on existing plans and goals.

2) Travel the World

There are so many places to visit and always so little time and money. Having access to extra spending money gives you more options when it comes to travel. You can use those funds not only to visit your favorite Caribbean or tropical islands, but to also explore different cultures. Visit the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy or explore the Seven Wonders of the World — the choice is yours… and, you can even plan a trip without the concern of incurring high interest credit card debt. With a cash for settlement lump sum payment in your bank account, your options are broader than you ever thought possible.

3) Give Back to Charity

As good as it may feel to receive a lot of money, it can feel even better to give back. There are many ways to acquire money. Sometimes the path to wealth is through good fortune and hard work. Other times it can come due to unfortunate circumstances, such as an inheritance from a loved one. Either way, cash for settlement payments or lottery winnings can be transformed into a gift for someone else in need. Donating money or supporting a charitable organization can change the lives of many.

If you’ve received a structured settlement or annuity, those periodic payments — usually paid out over the course of several decades — can be transformed into a lump sum that you can access now. Cash for settlement payments doesn’t just provide funds, it provides options.

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