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Four Ways to Prevent Expensive Home Repairs

With pride of home ownership comes great responsibility. Expenses will arise, many of them unexpected. But steps can be taken now to help prevent some of these expensive home repairs.

1) Clean Your Gutters

Gutters play an important role in protecting your home’s exterior from flooding and soil erosion. Pay attention to your gutters as they can collect debris and leaves, especially in the Fall. A clogged gutter may lead to rotten wood, the infestation of pests or damage to the gutter itself which lessens its ability to protect your home. Be sure to have your gutters cleaned regularly and check to make sure that water is draining from them properly.

2) Check the Roof Over Your Head

A properly maintained roof is one of your home’s key defenses against weather-related damage. Address any roof-related items on your to-do list before bad weather occurs to help prevent any potential water or structural damage. Check your roof periodically and trim any low hanging tree branches that may scrape and weaken the structure. Lastly, keep an eye out for any loose or missing shingles and repair them as soon as possible.

3) Fix Your Foundation

Problems with your home’s foundation can be costly. Examine your home for any cracks, tilting, or signs of shifting as these are potential signs of rotten wood or damage to the structure. Cracks should be caulked properly and sealed to protect the foundation of your home. Any sign of foundation issues should be addressed quickly to prevent more extensive damage and more costly repairs.

4) Watch for Water

Water damage to the home can be disastrous. Inspect your home for water stains as they may be a sign of a water leak or seepage. Repair any cracks in your home’s foundation as moisture can lead to mold and the need for extensive repairs if it seeps into the home’s structure.

Managing Emergency Home Repairs

Ideally, you should set aside money specifically for maintenance and unexpected home repairs. However, some repairs often cost more than anticipated and are more than you planned. If you are unable to save for emergency home repairs and have a structured settlement, you can sell structured settlement payments as a way to pay for these expenses. and help prevent accumulating large amounts of debt.

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