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Woodbridge Premiers New Hilarious Television Advertisement

Be like Jerry and get the most cash for your structured settlement, annuity or lottery winnings.”

We’ve all seen the ostentatious opera-singing commercials of JG Wentworth; the ones with the crazy opera singing Vikings. And chances are, you’ve seen hundreds or even thousands of advertisements for Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC on the sides of your webpages.

In the past, Woodbridge has successfully directed the majority of our advertising budget toward Internet ads and Search Engine Optimization. Despite the lack of singing Vikings representing Woodbridge, we have remained one of the top structured funding companies available on the market.

Now things are changing.

Woodbridge Structured Funding premiers new television ad

To keep up with the ever-changing world of advertisements, Woodbridge has created a humorous and informative commercial. This is in direct response to the JG Wentworth commercials, which seem to entertain more than they explain.

Woodbridge’s new commercial, “Be like Jerry” tells potential clients, “Don’t leave your money on the table by choosing another structured funding company.” Be like Jerry, who went through Woodbridge, “and get the most cash for your structured settlement, annuity or lottery winnings.”

“We have competed with larger companies by having a lower overhead and are therefore being able to pay higher amounts than some of our bigger competitors.” Scott Schwartz, Executive Vice President said. “It only makes sense if a company is spending $20 million in a year on advertising that someone has to pay for it, and it is usually the customer.

“What we are going to do now,” Schwartz continues, “ is to gradually increase our overhead, but at the same time keep it significantly below that of other companies so that we can continue to pay the highest prices of the sale of lottery, annuities and structured settlement payments. In fact, we are so sure we can do this, that we will pay $500 to any customer who receives a higher offer that Woodbridge cannot beat.”

Click here to watch the new commercial or visit the Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC homepage.