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  • Dealing with an Annuity Buyer

    A structured settlement is a financial arrangement set up for victims of personal injury cases in which they get monthly payments to cover damages, losses, and medical expenses. It is different from a lump sum payment because the plaintiff gets a fixed amount monthly for a specific period of time. This payment is tax free,…
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  • Your Options When Selling Lottery Payments

    If you are presently receiving annual lottery payments and are no longer satisfied with how they are inflexible when your financial needs have already changed, you will be happy to know that you may have the right under your state’s lottery laws to either sell lottery payments in their entirety or sell just a part…
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  • The Top Reasons for Selling Lottery Payments

    When a person sells lottery payments he or she receives a lump sum of cash while the buyer receives the remaining annual checks directly from the lottery authority. Why would I want to sell lottery payments? Prize winners may choose to sell lottery payments for various reasons. They may need a lump sum of cash…
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  • The Top 10 Reasons People Sell Annuity Payments

    With over $2.5 trillion worth of assets supporting annuities in the country, annuities embody an essential investment tool for people preparing for retirement while deferring their taxes. Sadly, at times an emergency need for cash arises or an investment change is needed, annuities are neither liquid nor flexible. Under the best circumstances, it is estimated…
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  • Sell Annuity Payments to Fund Your Child’s College Tuition

    With the cost of college tuition climbing as high as 15% every year across the country, parents are desperate for means to fund college tuition for their children. One way to pay for ever escalating college tuition is to sell annuity payments. Questions you should answer before making a decision include: 1.    What is the…
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  • The Pros and Cons of Selling Structured Settlement Payments

    The Pros When someone sells structured settlement payments what he actually sells is the right to receive all or just a portion of future payments. In exchange for this right, the seller receives a lump sum of cash he or she can use at will. Some people choose to sell structured settlement payments because they…
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  • How Long Does Selling Structured Settlement Payments Really Take?

    The process of selling structured settlement payments usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. This means that the annuitant or beneficiary of the structured settlement payments can expect to receive their cash lump sum quite quickly. The step that will consume the most time is the securing of a court date in the state…
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  • Gain Financial Freedom by Selling Lottery Payments

    More often than not, large lottery or casino winning are awarded as small payments over a long period of time. This setup makes it hard for winners to gain immediate access to their money. If you are the recipient of a lottery annuity who is unwilling to wait any longer for your prize money, why…
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  • Why Are People Selling Lottery Payments?

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  • Think Twice Before You Sell Annuity Payments

    Many people who have annuities and are going through financial problems often feel the urge to sell annuity payments. Although the promise of a large sum of liquid cash is almost irresistible, such a transaction is not without risks. Although it may not initially be clear to you, long term payments such as annuities, structured…
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