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  • Have you decided you no longer want to wait for periodic payments? How can you sell structured settlement payments?

    When you have decided that waiting for periodic payments are no longer the right choice for you, you can sell your future payments and get a large lump sum now. You can choose how many payments you want to sell to get the lump sum you want or need. The amount of the lump sum…
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  • Sell Workers Compensation Payments for Cash Now

    Get cash now when you sell worker’s compensation payments!   Don’t wait to collect small monthly or periodic payments. You can sell worker’s compensation payments for a large lump sum of money today. Call Woodbridge at 866-865-7044 Worker’s compensation payments are designed to help those who have suffered loss of income and provide an opportunity…
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  • Lump Sum versus Payments! Which one is right for you?

    Get cash now for your structured or personal injury settlement, or continue to receive periodic payments. Which choice is right for you? Thousands of Americans are receiving periodic payments from structured settlements or personal injury settlements. The traditional one-time lump sum or cash payment gradually disappeared with the inception of “structured or periodic payments” that…
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  • Need cash now? Sell your settlement, annuity, or lottery payments and get the largest lump sum guaranteed!

    Sell your settlement, annuity, or lottery payments and get the largest lump sum guaranteed! It’s your money why wait for it? Don’t wait for small restricitive payments when you can get a large lump sum now. Even if your are near or outside the guaranteed period, Woodbridge Investments can get you the most for your…
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  • Trust Deeds – What are they?
  • Tired of waiting for your lottery winnings? Get a lump sum now!

    You don’t have to wait for your future lottery payments. Get a large lump sum now! So you won the lottery! For most Americans winning a lottery is a dream come true, until that dream becomes a nightmare. Frustrated by having to wait on small monthly or annual payments, many people are choosing to sell…
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  • You can get a lump sum now for your future payments

    Are you receiving payments for a personal injury, structured settlement, annuity or lottery winnings? You can get a lump sum now for your future payments now instead of waiting for months or years to get your money. Woodbridge Investments has established relationships with insurance companies from coast to cost, and the funding available to guarantee…
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  • Getting a “lump sum” for your payments now

    Receive a large lump sum of money now for your future payments. If you are currently receiving periodic payments from an annuity, personal injury, structured settlement, or lottery, you can sell some or all of your payments for a lump sum of cash now. More and more Americans every year are choosing to sell their…
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  • You Can Sell Annuity Payments for Cash

    Sell annuity payments for a cash lump sum. Annuities are a form of personal investment now matter which you choose. You are paying into something now, to get a return later. When you choose to sell your annuity payments, you are opting to receive your money now rather than wait for those future payments. Often…
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  • Get a lump sum now for your personal injury settlement payments!

    If you have been awarded a personal injury settlement, and are receiving periodic payments that just don’t seem to provide the compensation you need, getting a lump sum of cash now for your future payments can be a relatively quick and painless process that may get you back in the driver’s seat of your family’s…
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