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How Selling Structured Settlements for Cash Saved Brenda’s College Career

Why Sell Settlement Payments?

No matter how hard you work or how carefully you plan, unforeseen events can change your life—often dramatically. No one expects to be injured in an accident, and few are prepared for the host of hurdles that accompany a personal injury lawsuit. While a structured settlement might seem like the end of the process, for many, it’s the beginning of a new set of challenges in their lives. Fortunately, you can sell structured settlement payments, and many find selling these payments for cash is the answer to their financial troubles.

Brenda studied hard during high school and intended to realize her mother’s dream and become the first member of her family to attend college. But during Brenda’s senior year her mother fell ill, and Brenda had to take care of her by working nights to help support her family. While working as a housekeeping aide in a nursing home, and taking care of her ailing mother, Brenda realized her passion for healthcare. After her mother passed away, Brenda began studying for an Associate of Science in Nursing at a nearby community college, however during her second semester she was injured in a car accident. Unable to work for several months, Brenda struggled to make payments on the medical expenses accrued during her mother’s illness. What began as a temporary disruption to her schooling quickly became permanent. Brenda was forced to drop out of school and pay what little money she had towards her mother’s hospital bills with nothing remaining to pay her own hospital bills, she was relieved when the other driver’s insurance company agreed to pay her a moderate-sized structured settlement, but her excitement soon turned to dismay when she found the structured settlement payments, spaced over a span of many years, did not come close to covering her current debt.

Sell Structured Settlements for Cash for College

Determined, Brenda started to explore financing options and realized that many people sell structured settlements for cash. This, she believed, could be the way out of her predicament. She decided to sell structured settlement payments for cash, and use that lump sum payment to pay off her debt and get back on her feet. Once she decided to sell settlement payments, the question was which company was the best to work with. After careful research, Brenda chose Woodbridge Structured Funding based on their expertise and on their guarantee to beat any other legitimate offer she received for her payments.

The decision to sell her settlement payments was a turning point for Brenda. The lump sum payment was enough to pay off her remaining bills and get back in school. Today, Brenda is the proud holder of a nursing degree and enjoys work as a Registered Nurse at a home for senior citizens. She considers the decision to sell structured settlements for cash to Woodbridge Structured Funding one of the best choices she ever made. Her only regret is that her mother didn’t live to see her graduate.

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