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What to Do With a Structured Settlement

What to Do With a Structured Settlement

If you’re pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, there’s a good chance your award will come in the form of a structured settlement. Designed to provide long-term fixed income to the recipient, a structured settlement divides the settlement amount into a series of payments stretched over many years. Once you’ve received a structured settlement, you have several options. You can hold on to your settlement, or you can sell settlement payments to a buyer like Woodbridge Structured Funding. Depending on what you determine is best for your financial situation, you can choose to sell the entire annuity, or just some of the settlement payments. There is no fixed formula as to what you should do with your settlement. Any decision you make should be made after consultation with legal and financial advisors. You can always call Woodbridge Investment to talk with one of our experienced investment consultants at(1-866-865-7044). And, the call and consultation are free.

Sell Settlement to a Buyer

Why would someone sell settlement payments to a settlement buyer? There are many advantages to having the steady income that a structured settlement provides. However, there are often circumstances in which a structured settlement can be a hindrance. School tuition, medical care and down payments on vehicles or housing are just some of the large expenses that people routinely encounter. With your money locked up in a structured settlement, meeting these obligations can be challenging. It would be a tremendous setback to lose your dream home knowing you have the money for the payments tied up in a structured settlement. Selling settlements to a buyer gives you control over your own funds.

More Reasons to Sell Annuity Settlements

Beyond immediate monetary requirements, there are a number of other reasons to sell annuity or settlement payments. Even if you have enough money to meet the minimum down payment on a car or home, there is still an advantage to having structured settlement funds at your disposal. A larger down payment can save you a significant amount of money in future mortgage payments. Having your money at your disposal means you can invest it as you and your financial advisor see fit. Investments aren’t limited to stocks and bonds. Putting your structured settlement into continuing education is also an excellent long term investment. An individual with a bachelor’s degree makes around $20,000 more than their counterpart with a high school diploma. A master’s degree will, on average, earn you $10,000 per year more than your colleague with a bachelor’s. Depending on the degree, this number can be much higher. Selling annuity and settlement payments to fund further education can be an extremely advantageous investment.

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