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How Long Does It Take to Sell a Structured Settlement?

One of the main concerns of annuitants is how long it will take to sell a structured settlement for a lump sum cash payment. After being awarded a settlement in a long drawn out legal battle – the average personal injury case is in the pre settlement phase alone for almost 300 days – accident victims are understandably hesitant to enter into another long, difficult process. Fortunately, with Woodbridge Structured Funding selling a structured settlement can be quick and easy.

3 Ways to Sell a Structured Settlement

There are three basic ways for annuitants to sell a structured settlement:

  1. Sell all future settlement payments in return for one large lump sum
  2. Sell a specific number of the future payments. An agreed upon number of settlement payments are exchanged for a lump sum. Once the structured settlement buyer receives the specified payments, the balance of payments revert back to the annuitant
  3. Sell fractions of future payments. In options #1 and 2 the buyer receives the entire structured settlement payment. Another option is to sell a percentage of each settlement payment. Under this model, the structured settlement holder receives a lump sum and also continues to receive their scheduled payments, albeit in smaller amounts

The Best Way to Sell a Structured Settlement

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to sell a structured settlement, you have to carefully consider which option suits both your current and future needs.

After the particulars of the sale have been negotiated with the structured settlement buyer, the amount of time necessary to complete the transaction depends on the laws of the state in which you reside. These laws are designed to protect the structured settlement seller from unscrupulous companies. If a court of law finds that the proposed sale will not serve the seller’s best interest, it will not grant approval. This legal oversight is designed to protect personal injury victims when they sell a structured settlement. As a result, selling a structured settlement is safe and 100% legal. Upon completion, the agreed upon lump sum cash payment is transferred to the seller by check or wire transfer.

Not only is it a smart move, selling a structured settlement can be fast and easy. Woodbridge will beat any legitimate offer. Call today (1-866-865-7044) to speak to an advisor, or visit the website for a free quote. It’s quick, easy, and all information is kept strictly confidential.

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