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JG Wentworth, Peach Tree Funding, Imperial Structured Settlements: Are All Structured Settlement Factoring Companies Equal?

JG Wentworth, Peachtree Funding, Imperial Structured Settlements, Woodbridge Structured Funding… which of the many structured settlement factoring companies do you turn to when you have a structured settlements or an annuity to sell?

For most people, when they receive a structured settlement, an annuity payment or a lottery winning they are not used to the idea of having such a large amount of money. The rush of a windfall is like nothing else, and for many people, selling the payments to a structured settlement factoring company is the best option for them.

JG Wentworth, Peach Tree Funding, Imperial Structured Settlements or Woodbridge Investments?

Once you have decided that you are going to sell your annuity to a structured settlement factoring company you should do as much research as possible before you decide what company you want to go through.

Some articles have quoted companies like Peachtree Funding not offering transactions as competitive as others because the person selling their annuity did not do research on what competitors could offer.

Huge companies like JG Wentworth who spend a fortune on advertising may be able to cut you good deal but you should keep in mind that if you ever wanted to return to the company and sell again, you might not get the same representative. It is up to you to decide how important customer service is when you are dealing with enormous sums of money.

Some companies, such as Woodbridge Structured Funding, offer to beat whatever the competition is when you want to sell an annuity payment or structured settlement. This is always a good thing to keep in mind so you can receive this largest lump sum possible.

As you should whenever you are dealing with precious assets, do your research before you commit to a company. When you are looking to sell an annuity to a structured settlement factoring company, a good place to start your research is with a well-known company. Call Woodbridge Structured Funding today to speak with a representative or visit their website for information.