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The Basics of Selling a Personal Injury Structured Settlement

Personal Injury Structured Settlements are a common means for defendants to pay out their liability on lawsuits. Understanding how these settlements work and your options for selling is a whole other story. It should surprise no one that finding out the basics of a personal injury structured settlement is difficult to say the least, which makes selling them even more complicated. Here are some things all consumers should be aware of when they are involved in a personal injury structured settlement.


The law is the law and that’s indisputable, but the way the law is interpreted varies from state to state. Somewhere like New Hampshire (where the state motto is “Live Free or Die”) and somewhere like California (where the economic woes go back decades) are two different animals. One thing people should understand about personal injury structured settlement proceedings is that their immediate surroundings come into play. Make sure to research the laws of your state, speak to reps from the company you’re working with about their success rate, and challenge them on their claims.


Another thing which plays heavily into your success or failure with these sales is the company you are dealing with. When you’re delving into structured annuity settlement sales you want to be sure you’re with a name that’s been around the block and is a market leader. Check in on their success rates, past customer experiences, fees, and triumphs before you dive headlong into an structured settlement sale.


Since this is a court approved process, you need to show a need for the money. What is your use for these monies? Do you have some pending medical or financial need? Making a home purchase? Going back to school? Having a child? The way you frame your argument can make your case sink or swim. Be sure to fully flesh this out with your company reps before you step into the courtroom.

Selling a personal injury structured settlement may be difficult, but hiring an experienced company to guide you through the process is probably the most important decision you can make.
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