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Will your annuity or structured settlement payments hold up against rising economic pressure?

Families and individuals who rely on a fixed or supplemental income from annuity and settlement payments are among the hardest hit by record high gas prices, and increased cost of consumer goods.

sell annuity paymentsLatoya Pearson has been able to just barely get by the last few years since she started collecting her annuity payments.

“I used to be able to get groceries, and pay my bills with just a little left over every month as long as I stuck to my budget.” she says. “But now, I am afraid that I may have to sell my home to avoid losing it. Everything costs more, gas, milk, food, and electricity. Finding a part time job where I am here in Ohio is almost impossible. Without an extra income I won’t be able to keep up with my bills.”

Latoya’s story is growing more and more common. American families are being forced to seek alternative and creative ways to make their dollar go the extra mile, literally.

An article recently published by USA Today reflected that 60% of the population has cut back significantly on household spending and 84% consolidating errands or taking other steps to cut back on daily driving.

Financial experts and retirement planners who once encouraged annuities are steering their clients to more flexible investment options that would provide residual and growing income.

“You just can’t say for sure what amount of money will get how far anymore.” says Robert Meeler a financial planner with over 36 years experience.

Inflation eats away at every dollar with every year that passes. Unable to predict just how the future market will behave is not only just a guess, it is a calculated equation that even most economic researchers and developers are reluctant to speculate on.

Structured settlement and annuity payments are determined amounts of money that are paid over a specified period. Typically, these payments reflect a modest assumption of inflation and increased cost of living. Once the settlement or annuity contract is in place, it cannot be altered. All provisions for future incidentals and such are required to be in place before a settlement or annuity is put into place and actively paying out.

Scott Shwartz, of Woodbridge Investments, a factoring company that specializes in the purchasing of structured settlements, lottery, injury, and annuity payments stated,

“We have seen an overwhelming amount of families, and individuals that are facing an immediate financial needs crisis.”

The idea of living from one paycheck to another is a distinct reality for so many American families. It’s not just a hot topic for debate amongst rivaling politicians, it’s a way of life for thousands more struggling to carve out their own little piece of the American dream.

With fuel prices skyrocketing, and the cost of living increasing faster than minimum wage ever could, families feel the squeeze early on, and it can be effectively debilitating for too many. Loss of wages, insurmountable debt, and unforeseen expenses all contribute to the foreclosure epidemic we see today.

Mr. Shwartz also notes,

“We have helped thousands of individuals get back on track by providing them a large lump sum of cash when they chose to exercise their legal right to sell all or some of their future payments from annuities, lottery winnings, or a structured settlement.”

Companies such as Woodbridge, Peachtree, and JG Wentworth are notably the leader in the settlement purchasing industry. They will purchase all or some of your future payments at a discounted rate, giving families the money they need now to prevent and come back from financial strains.

The amount of the lump sum you receive is typically less than the total amount of the future payments. This is because a portion of your future payments include interest that you have not earned yet. The calculated interest and any legal fees or costs associated with the transaction are factored out of the total amount of the value of the payments and what is remaining is your lump sum total.

You can get a pretty good idea of what your future payments are worth by contacting a company that specializes in buying settlement, annuity, and lottery payments. Your quote also known as an appraisal, is easy to obtain. Simply contact the company and let them know how much your payments are, how many you have, and how often you receive them.

There should be no charge for this quote so be wary if you are asked to sign for or pay anything for your initial appraisal.

In most cases, and depending on which state your case was settled, you can receive your money in as little as 90 days. Get as many quotes for your future payments as possible. Many companies will guarantee to beat any other written offer, making sure you are getting the largest amount of money possible for your payments.

If you have decided that you would like to sell your payments for a large lump sum now, and would like more information on the various options and programs available to you call 1-866-865-7044 TOLL FREE TODAY!