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Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC Offering a Free Structured Settlement Advice Center

Since its founding in 1993, Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC has made consumer education a core part of its mission. Believing that well-informed consumers make better choices, Woodbridge has long been dedicated to informing current customers and potential clients about the specifics of selling structured settlements, lottery winnings, and annuities.

Well known for their excellent customer service, Woodbridge is drawing upon two decades of experience and providing visitors to their website a free advice resource filled with up-to-date information about selling structured settlements and annuities. The expertise and wealth of knowledge that Woodbridge clients have long enjoyed is now available to everyone.

The regularly updated Free Advice Center features articles on all aspects of selling structured settlements. Annuitants can find advice on whether or not to sell their settlement, how to find a structured settlement buyer, and how to actually sell a structured settlement, plus many more relevant topics.

One of the things Woodbridge Structured Funding has learned in the course of buying nearly one billion dollars in settlements and annuities is that every customer has a unique set of circumstances, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t produce the best results for annuitants. By providing a free and easily accessible resource, Woodbridge hopes to educate structured settlement holders about their options — including the pros and cons of lump sum cash payments — to help them make decisions that best fit their individual needs.

Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC can be found online at http://woodbridgeinvestments.com

About Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC

Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC together with its predecessor companies and founders have been pioneers in the financial services industry for nearly twenty years. They were innovators in the purchase of future periodic payments in return for a lump sum, and since 1993, have purchased nearly a billion of dollars worth of lottery, casino jackpot, structured settlements and annuity payments — one satisfied customer at a time.