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Our satisfied clients include individuals from all walks of life, looking for sound guidance through financial issues. Don't just take our advice, see what our clients have to say.

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Sell Structured Settlements Sell Lottery Payments Sell Annuity Payments


“Woodbridge helped get us the money we needed to get through our financial crisis. We are so thankful for the kind and personal service we received.”

Ray P.

Baton Rouge, LA


“The people at Woodbridge were the most professional that I spoke with, and they were up-front with me from the start. I got three other offers from different companies, but Woodbridge was able to give me the most money for my settlement payments.”

Sandra B.

New York, NY


“I needed a lump sum to move into a nicer house and start up a home bakery business. Woodbridge helped make my dream a reality.”

John M.

Bridgeport, CT